Find Your Why | Finding the Motivation to Stay Healthy

//Find Your Why | Finding the Motivation to Stay Healthy

Find Your Why | Finding the Motivation to Stay Healthy

Set small, measurable goals that will help you get to your overall large goal.

By: Robert Eilers | NightOwl.FIT Community | July 3rd 2017

A couple weeks back I was posting to Instagram and trying to decide which hashtags I wanted to use. I follow along with youtube yoga videos called Yoga with Adrien when I am not lifting and she has this wonderful phrase that she uses “Find What Feels Good.” So when I was trying to decide which hashtag to use this phrase came to mind. I didn’t use exactly “find what feels good,” but I thought I would be unique and come up with one. ” Find your Why,” came to mind and so I completed my post with #findyourwhy.

Now in my head, the concept of “find your why” made total sense and the funny part was I thought I had come up with this it myself. I decided to hop onto google and look up the idea and see if there was some sort of psychological principle that revolved around it. Turns out there is. So much for originality. But the idea behind why I came up with the hashtag is still sound and that is why I wanted to share it with you.

I posted an article last week on the truth about coconut oil after when I finished I posted it to social media as I always do. Afterward, the link got booted from one of the sites because it was posted to a forum that didn’t really understand what the article had to do with night shift and the response that was given really kind of shook my resolve. The problem wasn’t with the site the problem was with me. I am not a doctor and though I have read a ton of material and listened to quite a few podcasts about Coconut Oil that sort of information just sits in my head and I didn’t know how to communicate the science of the subject to people. The reality is I lost my why. I was more interested in arguing a point and then telling people through affiliate links what a good coconut oil is, then sharing good information. I reminded me that I have to “know your why.

Know Your Why

Find your why.When I started this website the ultimate purpose of it was to create a community of like-minded people who have struggled to find a source for any concrete information about the night shift. Years back when I first started trying to be healthy and go to the gym I was starting to put on a little weight. I was recently divorced and so I let myself go. I knew I wanted to get back into shape and so I did what most people probably did I picked up a health magazine and mimicked some workout and just started going. Before long I was working out twice a day, once after work with running or weights, and then when I would get up with either more weights or some cardio routine in my living room. I didn’t take long before I injured my knee from overtraining. I pushed too hard too fast and had to take time off to recover. Back then I all I wanted was a six pack and I thought the more I trained the closer I would be to reaching that goal. Oddly about 7 years later I haven’t reached it yet. Sure I am healthier, I have put on about 20lbs of lean muscle, but that ever elusive goal of a six pack is still gone. The reality of it is as far as “whys” go getting a six pack is a horrible reason to keep going back.

I don’t mean to keep pushing the headline of this article off but I wanted to let you know my story. Because my story is what has led me to understand how to “find your why.” Why do I workout? Why do I run this website? Why do I stay on night shift when I could take less pay and work days? These are the questions I, and maybe you, ask yourself daily. I workout because it is my way of dealing with stress and anxiety, and perhaps as well because of self-esteem issues I have with myself. I started this website because I learned all the wrong ways about how to approach fitness. And I work nights because the money I make from my current job allows me to care for my family in a way working days would make more difficult.

Find Your Why

What is It?

So many self-motivational talks to me have always seemed like common sense but in reality, it is that one thing you suddenly stumble upon that may seem like a duh moment but suddenly inspires you. In a moving video talk, comedian Michael Jr. describes the power of knowing your “why.” In it, he showed an audience a clip from a different event, in which he asked a member of that audience to sing the opening stanzas from “Amazing Grace.” The gentleman, a music teacher, began in a deep baritone and sang the refrain flawlessly.

When you know your ‘Why’, your ‘What’ has more impact, because you’re walking in or towards your purpose.” – Michael Jr.

Find your why. Working the night shift can be downright draining. It can put you in an ill mood. There are going to be weeks, like I had last week, where you aren’t going to get any good sleep at all. When you wake up far too early and never make it back to sleep. When you haven’t seen your friends in a month and you are starting to feel like a zombie. This is the perfect time to find your why. But the biggest reason I wanted to present this concept to you is that when working this shift if you have any hopes of ever getting, and staying, in shape you will have to find your why. Because without your why you will find yourself limited in your progress.

Find your why.Last year I was asked by a friend at work if I would give her some pointers or advice on how to lose some weight in the gym and what workouts worked best. Here is a big secret that will save you thousands of dollars in unwanted gear and nonsense pushed by big companies, you don’t need to go to the gym to lose weight. Losing weight is a mental game. I personally believe most people know how to eat healthily, maybe not as extreme as some of us like myself, but healthy. Most people know that water is better than soda, or that grilled chicken is better than a friend hamburger. We all know this. But yet so many people spend hours looking at websites, or ignoring them all together, trying to jump on the latest trendy diet. I even wrote about what I do myself in my own night shift diet. But the reality is it doesn’ have to be complicated. When you know your why everything else will start to fall into place. Some people are approaching diabetic state, or are already there, their why would be simply to maintain health. Others may simply feel working the night shift makes them feel weak and they want a way to raise strength. I can tell you if your “find your why” is purely cosmetic then why won’t have as much impact.

So what is your why?

Find Your Why | Finding the Motivation to Stay Healthy
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Find Your Why | Finding the Motivation to Stay Healthy
Being healthy doesn't have to be hard, but in order to better direct your goal, you should find your why, so your what will have more purpose.
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